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We offer competitive prices for renting high-quality costumes created by the Guthrie Theater and The Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis. Rental rates vary depending on the type of costume, the length of the rental, and the type of organization. Please call us for a price quote.

Schools, Theaters, Non-Profits

  • Discounts available
  • Basic 4 week rental
  • Extended run discount
  • Additional services available
    • Digital photos of available choices
    • Styling/design services
    • Items on approval

Individual and commercial rentals are also available.


  • 3 day rental
  • Fitting appointment
  • Discounts for pre-arranged parties


  • 1 week rental
  • Styling service available

A few more points of information

  • We'll need a security deposit for renting our costumes. We accept credit cards or personal check and proof of insurance for organizations.
  • Dry cleaning fees are not included in your rental charges. CostumeRentals offers two options. 1. You may return the costumes clean (we give you one week at no additional charge to allow for processing). 2. Return the costumes without cleaning and CostumeRentals will add the cleaning charge to your final invoice.
  • We'll provide you with a copy of our terms and conditions as part of the rental agreement.
  • We'll provide a shipping information form that allows you to choose the carrier you prefer. We can use your account number or add the shipping charges to your bill if that is more convenient.

The CostumeRentals staff has extensive costume experience and will work closely with you to make sure you get what you need. For those able to drive to our facility in Minneapolis, we will schedule an appointment for you that includes a personal meeting with staff and a tour of our inventory so you can see what is available. For out-of-town customers, we'll talk you through the same process over the phone, as well as utilizing e-mail and fax. We can even send you digital photos of our costumes! We can ship costumes anywhere in the world via UPS or Federal Express, including overnight service if needed.