August 17, 2022

How to Dress a Pear-Shaped Body

Knits and shirts are your strong suits. Off the shoulder dresses and tops also flatter the shape. If you’re feeling a bit stuck when choosing what to wear, consider the following tips:

Shirts and tops are your strong suit

The key to flattering a pear-shaped body is choosing structured garments. Try avoiding ruffles and peplums. Also avoid skirts with high waists and heavy pleating. Skirts are the perfect choice for a pear shape because they elongate the lower half without adding too much bulk. When choosing skirts, choose mid or floor-length options and avoid low-rise styles.

Choose dark-colored skirts and blouses with low-cut V-necks. These silhouettes balance the pear shape and showcase your slimmer shoulders. Be careful not to show too much of your chest, as it can distract from your waist. You can also wear skirts with straight leg and boot cut legs. Mid-rise styles are ideal for a pear shape body. Choose shirts and tops with horizontal stripes to create a visual line along the length of the body.


To dress a pear-shaped body, you’ll need to understand your shape. The top half of your body is narrower than your bottom half, so try to draw attention upward with a striped, wrap, or corset-style top. To balance the wideness of the lower half, wear medium to heavy knits. When choosing jackets for your pear-shaped body, choose a longer silhouette that hits mid-thigh.

Skirts are another key to dressing a pear-shaped body. Choose skirts that cover your bottom and hips without adding too much volume. Choose skirts that are knee-length or above to emphasize your bottom half. Avoid skirts with heavy horizontal details or embellishments to help your shape appear slimmer. Depending on your height, choose pants that are mid or high-rise.

Off the shoulder

Off the shoulder tops are ideal for a pear-shaped body shape because they emphasize your shoulders. Choose a style that elongates your shoulders with spaghetti or raglan straps, or choose a halter neck top that emphasizes your shoulders. A strapless top is also ideal for a pear-shaped body, and a slash neck top will help balance your hips and shoulders. High necklines are also a great fit for a pear-shaped figure, because they highlight your shoulders while drawing attention away from your bottom half.

If your shoulders are prominent, choose clothing with shoulder pads or puff-sleeves. Layering textured fabrics on top of your off-the-shoulder top will balance out your top and bottom half. Wearing a chunky necklace or a statement hoop will draw attention to your face, and a point-toed pump will highlight your legs. For an hourglass-like silhouette, wear long skirts or maxi skirts.

Off the shoulder dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses are an excellent choice for a pear-shaped body. These styles emphasize your upper body while minimizing your hips. However, they can also make you look bigger because of their loose top half. If you have a pear-shaped body, it’s best to avoid loose-top half dresses as they tend to hide too much of your body and can make you appear larger. To avoid this problem, choose a dress with an a-line silhouette. A-line silhouettes are an ideal choice for pear-shaped women because they flatter many body shapes.

Structured pieces like dresses with shoulder pads and puff-sleeves will visually add height and emphasize your bust. Choose materials with a textured finish to add visual weight to your upper body and balance it out with your bottom half. Wearing chunky necklaces or hoops will draw attention to your face and help balance out your proportions. You can also wear point-toe pumps or heels to elongate your legs and create an illusion of a longer figure.

One-piece outfits

To flatter your body shape, one-piece outfits that emphasize your bust can be quite flattering. Wearing a colorful dress can be a great idea, but make sure to choose one that does not overemphasize your hips. A cropped denim jacket can help add visual weight to your upper half. Getting a basic understanding of your body shape will help you choose more unconventional styles.

A statement neckpiece is an easy way to cover your bare neckline. You can wear bohemian-inspired designs, which are both classy and flattering. Loose one-piece suits are also a great option. They can swallow your body and look great on any shape. Wear one that elongates your body by letting it hang freely. One-piece outfits can be fun and flirty.

Boat neckline

The boat neckline works well on pear-shaped bodies. This style draws the eye up and balances narrow shoulders and wide hips. It is ideal for pear-shaped bodies, as it elongates the neck, making it flattering on almost all faces. The boat neckline sits just below the collarbone. Here are some of the best options for pear-shaped bodies. Here are a few tips for choosing a boatneck.

A boat neckline works well on pear-shaped bodies, which are generally more delicate than the apple-shaped body. This style emphasizes the collarbone without revealing too much. It is also a flattering neckline for petite women, as it balances their wide hips and elongates their frame. A padded brassiere will further play to their advantage. Listed below are the most flattering types of necklines for pear-shaped bodies.

Scoop neck

Scoop neck dresses are flattering on a pear-shaped body, but there are some key things to consider. For example, your lower half may need to be deemphasized in order to look proportionate. To do this, look for clothing that will elongate your legs and create volume in the upper half. If you’d rather keep your lower half a secret, avoid wearing anything too tight or too revealing.

If you’re a pear-shaped woman, a slender-but-long-shoulder dress is your best bet. If you’re a bit broader than your waist, a scoop neck dress will accentuate your widest point. For an even wider silhouette, try puff-sleeved, ruffled or otherwise structured tops. You can also opt for dresses with epaulets on the shoulders, which will draw the eye upwards.

Scoop sleeve

A pear-shaped body can benefit from the look of a scoop sleeve. This style emphasizes your upper half and balances your proportions. Your widest part of your body is at your hips. There are some styles that will flatter your shape, however. Here are some examples:

The sleeve of a raglan sleeve is flattering on pear-shaped bodies. If your top is wide, a scoop sleeve is flattering. But don’t go overboard: wear one that sits just below the bust line. You’ll also want to avoid tops with extreme “V” necklines.

Scoop sleeve tops are flattering on the pear-shaped body because they show off your narrow torso. Asymmetrical skirts with fluted sleeves will draw attention to your top half. You can also wear a sheath or empire skirt to balance your curves. For pants, try straight leg or boot cut styles and avoid jeans that are too high-rise. A pear-shaped body is best complemented by straight-leg jeans and dark-colored boots. Dark-coloured slacks with a front crease look good on the pear-shaped body.

Queen Anne neckline

Using the Queen Anne neckline to flatter a pear-shaped body shape is not difficult, but the right choice of fabric can make or break the look. The narrow top half of the pear body shape is best covered by fitted shirts and sweaters. Avoid heavy pleating and embellishments around the waist. Keep the skirt fitted through the bodice and avoid high-rise shorts or skirts with open volume below the waist.

The halter neckline looks great on women with narrow shoulders, although women with large arms should avoid it. A halter neckline can be covered with a shawl. This neckline is most appropriate for evening gowns and suits women of average bust size and build. This style also flatters women with pear-shaped bodies and can make their necks look longer. If you are not sure if the Queen Anne neckline is right for your body shape, check out these tips.