August 17, 2022

What Should You Wear If You Have Broad Shoulders?

women's black crop-top

What Should You Wear If You Have Broad Shoulders? For smaller shoulders, you can choose V-necks, collarless blouses, and scoop-necks. But larger shoulders should avoid sleeves and Peter Pan collars. These styles will only make the shoulders appear larger, especially if you have small arms. Alternatively, you can wear a fitted-sleeved or long drop-shoulder sleeved top.

Peplum dresses

Peplum dress details are perfect for the playful side of your style. These dresses feature details below the waist, on the hips, and around the shoulders and neck. These dresses have their origins in Greek antiquity. They can be worn with heels to give your figure height and make your legs look super long. When paired with heels, they can make your shoulder area look tiny. And if you have broad shoulders, peplum dresses can be made to show off your shoulders.

If your shoulders are wide, you may want to consider choosing peplum dresses with fitted peplum tops. These will help balance the shape of your shoulders. This style also looks flattering on most women. Peplum-style dresses first began in the mid-19th century with jacket bodices that flared out at the hips and hoop skirts. In the late 1940s, they were introduced into high-fashion, particularly during the “New Look” by Christian Dior. This fashion trend made the peplum a part of everyday clothing.

Laser-cut dresses

Whether you have wide shoulders or a narrower torso, there are dresses that will flatter you. Dresses that are short can help balance out your figure and draw attention away from your broad shoulders. Consider laser-cut dresses, dry lake dresses, and floral mesh. Avoid dresses with boat necklines or shoulder pads. Instead, look for dresses with asymmetrical skirts or sleeves. There are also many other options.

A wrap style dress is another option for concealing broad shoulders. A wrap dress is typically V-necked or has an adjustable plunge. This style draws the eye to the waist and helps balance the proportions of the body. The V-neck style splits the vastness of the shoulders and draws the eye toward the tiny waist. These options are not for everyone, but if you have wide shoulders, you can try a wrap style dress.

Floral mesh dresses

If you have broad shoulders, you might be interested in buying a floral mesh dress. This stylish dress features a floral print on the mesh and ties at the waist. It features a bodycon fit and side slit, and is the perfect choice for evening parties and graduation photoshoots. There are many options for floral mesh dresses for broad shoulders. Here are three great options to consider. You’ll love the look and feel of these dresses!

Wrap style outfits are perfect concealer dresses for broad shoulders. These stylish dresses can be worn as a top or a dress, and they complement any figure. These outfits also help to slim the shoulders while defining the waistline. The V-neck design will split the expanse of shoulders and draw the focus to the small waist, which makes the arms appear slimmer. If you’re worried about looking too bulky, floral mesh dresses for broad shoulders will help you find the perfect outfit.

Dry lake dresses

When you have broad shoulders, you can’t go wrong with a dress that features a deep V neck. V-neck dresses look great on people with broad shoulders, since they direct attention vertically to the waist. They also work as concealers for broad shoulders, balancing out their appearance and bringing out the best of their curves. V-neck styles also flatter broad shoulders. And if you’re worried about your broad shoulders, a deep V-neck may be just what you need to wear.

Wide straps are another way to balance out your broad shoulders and draw attention away from your broad shoulders. A wide sleeve is a great way to highlight a toned leg while still keeping the broad shoulder area under control. Wide straps also work well with fit & flare dresses and A-line dresses. Strapless clothes tend to make the shoulders appear out of proportion. Choosing a dress with a deep scoop neckline can hide broad shoulders.

Kimono sleeve dresses

A wide sleeve in a kimono sleeve dress is a must-have for your wardrobe. This style of kimono is a classic style that was originally worn on special occasions, such as a wedding. Despite their name, kimono sleeves do not have visible youth lines. They are attached to the kimono body almost to the bottom, though a small part remains unattached. A kimono sleeve dress for broad shoulders will generally be a simple t-shaped design with short, wide, and long sleeves.

Regardless of the style, a kimono sleeve dress is sure to be flattering. Kimono sleeve dresses for broad shoulders are a stylish choice, as they are both formal and fun. These dresses can be worn with sandals or high heels and can add a touch of bohemian style to your look. These are also ideal for casual weekends.

Flowy skirts

For those with wide shoulders, wearing voluminous clothing that flows down the lower body will help balance the broad look. You can try culottes or Marlene pants to achieve the same effect. If you want to emphasize your hips, wear a top with a low waist and corset-like lace up detailing. Flowy mini skirts are also good options. You can wear them with leggings or a fitted top.

If you’re not comfortable wearing dresses with a V-neckline, look for a dress with a boat or wide-round neckline. These styles draw the eye downward, and will help balance your overall figure. Be careful with necklines, though. If you have wide shoulders, you should avoid certain styles with plunging necklines. Instead, choose those with a deep V-neckline to deflect attention from the broad shoulders.

Another way to make your broad shoulders look smaller is to wear clothes with a deep neckline. You should also avoid shoulder pads, cap sleeves, and necklaces that go beyond your shoulders. Long scarves and necklaces will draw attention to your broad shoulders, but they are not the best choice for you. And if you’re worried about being the only one with broad shoulders, try to choose an outfit with a low-neckline so that your shoulders don’t look like the focus of the outfit.

Light-colored bottoms

Wear light-colored bottoms with dark-colored tops to balance your shape. Dark colors will make you look slender, while light colors will broaden you up. For a slimming effect, wear short shirts with a flared waist, such as sheaths or peplum tops. If your shoulders are broad, wear bottoms that are the opposite of light-colored.

Rather than balancing your broader shoulders by pairing a dark top with a light-colored bottom, you can create a more balanced look by wearing clothes with contrasting colors. Bright colors and prints can also help balance your broad shoulders by adding focus to the bottom half of your body. This trick will also make you look more balanced overall. While these techniques are not effective for every woman, they can help you balance your broad shoulders.


When it comes to choosing jeans, women with broad shoulders have the advantage of a proportionally wider chest and hips than other women. The wide shoulders, along with the relatively narrow waist, make them an ideal candidate for any style of skinny jeans or slim pants. A rounded silhouette is flattering on anyone, so jeans with a wide lapel are a great choice. You can also opt for a cropped jacket with lots of upper body details.

If your body type isn’t the typical pear shape, try cropped or high-rise jeans. These will elongate your leg line and accentuate your shoulders. Cropped jeans are also flattering if you have broad shoulders. Cropped high-rise jeans will add height to your look, and a cropped pair will give you a higher waistline. Cropped jeans will elongate your body and minimize clinginess on your broad shoulders.